What to Knit When Knitting for Baby

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Knitting For Baby, A Real Love Of Any Knitter

It is impossible to knit without thinking about making something for babies.. They seem to be the number one target of any knitter, experienced or new. And could it be any other way, they are so cute and so precious. They represent who you are and the future of where you are going. Why wouldn't you want to expend your crafting energy knitting some little something for them.

But wait, what will I knit? There is no end to what you can knit for a new little one. There are so many patterns to knit that you could actually spend several hours just picking that perfect project. And you can find patterns all over the web, hmmmm, another few hours spent.

But to name a few, there are blankets, layettes, dresses, hoodies, and jackets. There are booties, mittens, socks, washcloths and baby bath blankets. You can even knit adorable onsies.

Photo Credit - Aviatrix baby hat by fihz on photobucket

Designer Knit Blanket Patterns for Your Little One

Kindle Edition

These blankets are very beautiful, and although the patterns are simple, the designs and finished product look very advanced and gorgeous. But these patterns will work for the inexperienced knitter. Don't be afraid.

You will love making these fun and gorgeous blanket patterns. And whomever you are making this for will be very pleased too.

Some Gorgeous Examples of What You'll Be Able to Make

So Beautiful and So Much Fun

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Free Knit Pattern for Baby, Layette Pattern

Free Baby Knitting Pattern from FaveCrafts

Sweet and Beautiful Free Baby Layette Knitting Pattern

A perfect solution when trying to figure what to knit for baby. This layette includes a matching set of delicate jacket and bonnet. The bonnet and jacket are tied with sweet satin ribbon.

When you go to the favecraft site to get this pattern. You’ll find a pattern for precious booties and even a free knitting patterns e-book you can download.

You Can Find Some Great Patterns to Make on eBay too!


Here Are Some Ideas for A Little One Knit Project

Great How to's to Get You Going

Free Baby Knitting Patterns; Wool Soaker, Clothing, and Newborn Photo Props
by TracyDIYMom | video info
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Is There Anything More Precious?

Enjoy Making Precious Projects For Your Little One

Hey! It's Your Choice Would You Knit for Little People or Grown Up People?

Who do you prefer to knit for?

Who do you want to knit for?


I'll knit for an adult that can actually appreicate it

I'll knit for a cute baby, that will please the Mom.

ElizabethBraun says:

Baby clothes are quick too, which means a novice can learn many new skills within a few small garments!

Dawn Staley says:

it's more fun knitting for babies!

Raina says:

before i got pregnant, i'd knit for everyone i knew! but it was always time consuming and i'd get bored fast...whereas knitting for my unborn son has been a joy and the projects are done within a day, and that gets me excited!

tandemonimom says:

So far I haven't knit for baby, but I'd love to!

babyknittingpatterns says:

I love knitting for babies. The patterns are small and the gratification quick being able to complete it. And besides babies are so cute!


Gorgeous Pattern For a Bonnet for a Little One, FREE

Feathers and Fan Baby Bonnet

This very simple and quite elegant Bonnet Pattern is from Mary (Cinders47) Enjoy Knitting this great pattern

Main body of bonnet: Brim

C.O. 62sts. K 2 rows garter stitch.

Feather and Fan pattern:

Row 1: knit

Row 2: purl

Row 3: K3 [garter st. border]K1, *K2tog 3 times, [K1, YO] 6 times, Repeat from * until last 4 sts K1, K3 [garter st border]

Row 4: knit.

Repeat the four pattern rows 8 times more.


Row1: K1, *K8 K2tog, repeat from * to last st K1,

Row 2 and every even row: knit.

Row 3:K1, *K7 K2tog, repeat from * to last st K1.

Continue thus until you are K2tog across the row. [8 sts]

Break yarn and thread through sts and pull up.

Sew crown seam.

Neck band: Pick up and knit 43 sts around bottom of bonnet – 21 sts either side and 1 st in centre back seam.

K3 rows.

Eyelet row: K1 *YO K2tog, repeat from * to end of row.

K3 rows and cast off loosely.

Cuddle Sac Papoose Pattern

Kindle Edition

You just can't lose with this great knitting pattern, A Baby Papoose is very comforting to the baby and so beautiful for the baby and mama. The knitter will be proud of this great looking and practical pattern

You Can Knit For Anyone's Little One, It doesn't Have to Be Your Own

It is Rewarding No matter Who You Knit For

Gorgeous Knit Baby Layette Photo

You can knit for your own baby, either one you are about to have or one you just had. You can knit for someone else’s baby, again coming or already here. You can knit for baby a gift for the shower or for the homecoming. You can knit for baby of a stranger or a friend, a family member or the family of a friend. You see my point. There is no excuse for not knitting for baby, anybody’s baby!

If you are new to knitting, you might want to start with a simple item. I would recommend a washcloth, or bath blanket or a crib blanket. They are straight and no curves or twists. You would knit them on straight single point needles and you can start out with a simple pattern, while you get your feet wet with knitting for baby.

Photo Credit – Baby Set by tenaj1969 on photobucket

Put this Knitting For Baby Page Somewhere Safe

You'll want to find these knitting patterns again

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Cute Baby Boy Knitted Outfit

Knitting for Baby Only Requires Desire and a Pattern

Your Imagination is Your Only Limit

If you are an experienced knitter, you could go wild with texture, cables, yarn overs, knit 2together etc. The sky is the limit. But the really great thing about knitting for baby is that there is no end to the amount of colors and textures to choose from. You have soft fuzzy and interesting tweeds, and super soft cottons. Let your heart be the judge.

One word of caution, I would avoid real animal yarns, such as rabbit, goat, sheep’s wool etc. They are more harsh and you have no idea if the baby will be sensitive or even allergic to it. So stick with the processed yarns. They are so gorgeous you are not missing out on anything.

Another great reason for knitting for baby is that the project can be completed so quickly. You could even make something, not like it and turn around and knit another one, with plenty of time to spare.

So I hope I have convinced you that knitting for baby is one of the most wonderful crafting quests that you can undertake. And I hope you have great fun with your projects.

Photo Credit – Baby Blanket by Purplegem_2006 on photobucket

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Knitting for Baby or Adult, It Really Doesn't matter,

Just Knit!! Share Your Love of Knitting

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  • ElizabethBraun Oct 04, 2013 @ 12:38 pm
    I enjoy baby knits. I've learned so much from them and even trimmed some of them up with embroidery!
  • sharon-w-meeks Sep 21, 2013 @ 9:02 pm
    Very cute Stuff!
  • nightbear Sep 22, 2013 @ 2:06 am
  • Sylvestermouse Jan 14, 2012 @ 11:37 am
    I used to love making clothes and even animals for my children when they were little. I just had a friend ask me yesterday about grand-babies. I am in no hurry, I assure you, but when I do have a new little one to make special gifts for, I will be back. I love that knitted bonnet pattern! Blessed!
  • LisaAuch Jan 11, 2012 @ 5:15 pm
    I especially love the easy baby bonnet pattern, I am going to try this one! Saved on my delicious stacks so i can find it easier!

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